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3 eCommerce Marketing Strategies That Work Smart, Not Hard

Opening an ecommerce site is half the battle, isn’t it? It’s not enough just to build a store and fill it with products, because that’s only Phase One. Phase Two is the hard part – marketing. Fortunately, we’ve done our research, and honed in on three marketing strategies that will work smart for you without requiring too much time or effort.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a tried and true marketing tactic, and it works like this. Find a blog in your niche, do some research on its content, and then write an article for that blog. It needs to be a valuable article. Think a resource, like a useful how-to guide or a list of resource links. Then, when you’ve finished your article (hopefully after carefully reviewing that site’s submission guidelines) contact them and pitch them the article. When they post it, their audience will receive a valuable asset, and your audience will receive a boost.

E-Mail Campaigns

E-mail campaigns can work smart for you because you can basically set them and forget them! Write out a series of e-mails ahead of time, and use an e-mail service – like popular services Aweber or MailChimp – to set up automatic delivery. Then, your pre-written emails go out to your list without you having to lift a finger!

E-mail marketing is still, after years, has one of the highest return on investments of any marketing channel, and with modern technology, it doesn’t have to be a ton of work.

Start A Blog

Blogs, like e-mail campaigns, can be automated now. All you have to do is write your content ahead of time, or pay for quality content to be written, and you can set the blogs to post on a schedule! This is a huge step for any business because having a blog provides that coveted social proof that is so hard to build. In the era of automation, it’s easy to set up a series of blog articles that demonstrate your expertise to post when you need them to, leaving you free to devote your time to other things!

These are some of our favorite e-commerce marketing strategies. What are yours? Tell us about your favorite one in the comments below.

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